LAMPHHS Officers
Effective 21 April 2022


President Polina Ilieva
polina.ilieva AT
Archives and Special Collections, UC San Francisco Library
(San Francisco, California)
Term: 2022-2024
Vice President Keith C. Mages (he/him/his)
kcmages AT
Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection, University at Buffalo
(Buffalo, New York)
Term: 2022-2024
Secretary/Clerk Carrie Meyer
carrie.meyer AT
University of Nebraska Medical Center
(Omaha, Nebraska)
Term: 2022-2024
Treasurer Tegan Kehoe (she/her/hers)
lamphhs.treasurer AT
Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation, Massachusetts General Hospital
(Boston, Massachusetts)
Term: 2021-2023
Officer at Large Mary Hague-Yearl
mary.yearl AT
Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Term: 2021-2023
Officer at Large Megan Keller Young
megank AT
Special Collections and University Archives, Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago
(Chicago, Illinois)
Term: 2021-2023
Officer at Large Nicole Topich (she/her/hers)
nrt4001 AT
Oskar Diethelm Library, DeWitt Wallace Institute of Psychiatry: History, Policy, & the Arts, Weill Cornell Medical College
(New York, New York)
Term: 2022-2024
Officer at Large Rebecca Williams (she/her/hers)
rebecca.j.williams AT
Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives
(Durham, North Carolina)
Term: 2022-2024


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Librarians, Archivists, and Museum Professionals in the History of the Health Sciences: Officers
Last updated 28 April 2022