President Stephen J. Greenberg
patzere4 AT gmail.com
Silver Spring, Maryland Term: 2010-2012
Past President Lisa A. Mix
lisa.mix AT ucsf.edu
Library and Center for Knowledge Management, University of California, San Francisco
(San Francisco, California)
Term: 2010-2011
Secretary Crystal Smith
crys_smith AT verizon.net
Silver Spring, Maryland Term: 2010-2012
Treasurer Arlene Shaner
ashaner AT nyam.org
The New York Academy of Medicine (New York, New York) Term: 2009-2011
Member-At-Large Jack Eckert
jack_eckert AT hms.harvard.edu
Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine (Boston, Massachusetts) Term: 2009-2011
Member-At-Large Dawn McInnis
dmcinnis AT kumc.edu
Clendening History of Medicine Library, University of Kansas Medical Center
(Kansas City, Kansas)
Term: 2009-2011
Member-At-Large Jennifer Kane Nieves
jennifer.nieves AT case.edu
Allen Memorial Medical Library, Case Western Reserve University
(Cleveland, Ohio)
Term: 2010-2012
Member-At-Large Martha Stone
mstone AT partners.org
Treadwell Library, Massachusetts General Hospital
(Boston, Massachusetts)
Term: 2010-2012