ALHHS (Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences) 2019 Annual Meeting - Registration

2019 Annual Meeting, Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences (ALHHS) and Medical Museums Association (MeMA)

The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

24 - 25 April 2019

Registration Form and Payment

Please complete a separate Registration Form for each attendee.

Deadline for receipt of payment is April 9, 2019.

Highlights of the Registration Form

  • Selection of Tour Preferences: Wednesday tours are optional and have limited capacity; they also have registration fees, to cover transportation. Thursday tours are optional and some have limited capacity; transportation for the Thursday tours is included in the meeting registration fee. You will have options to sign up for one tour on Wednesday and one tour on Thursday. If you select and pay for a Tour option that either is overbooked or needs to be cancelled because of under-enrollment, you will receive a refund of the Tour portion of your fee.

  • Dinner (Wednesday): The dinner from 7:00-10:00pm on Wednesday is limited to 70 people and costs $55 per person. The dinner will be served buffet-style with salad, sides, dessert, and 1 drink ticket before the meal. Wine will be served with dinner.

  • Lunch (Thursday): Lunch cost is included in your meeting registration fee. You may choose between four different box lunch options.

  • Membership Category: You will be asked to register in only one of five different membership categories:

    1. ALHHS/MeMA Member ("Member"): You already are a full member of ALHHS or MeMA.

    2. Student ALHHS/MeMA Member ("Student Member"): You already are a student member of ALHHS or MeMA.

    3. Non-member: This meeting rate includes an additional $15 membership fee, good for one-year (2019) membership in either ALHHS or MeMA.

    4. Student Non-member: This meeting rate is based on the $25 student meeting rate, plus an additional $15 membership fee, good for one-year (2019) membership in either ALHHS or MeMA

    5. Guest not attending meeting: Guest rates for individuals not attending the meeting, but wanting to attend the dinner and/or tour, does not include the membership fee for non-members. If you are registering for a second person, such as a spouse as a guest for dinner/tour, please be sure to complete one registration and payment for yourself, and a second registration and payment for this Guest.

  • Calculate Payment: You will be prompted to select your membership category first, then select a "Total Payment Due" based on your menu of tours, dinner option, and meeting attendance.

  • Making Your Payment: If you pay by PayPal, you will return to this page and select one of five different payment buttons, determined by which "Calculate Payment" category you chose.


STEP 1: Complete and submit the entire REGISTRATION FORM

  • The ALHHS/MeMA 2019 annual meeting Registration Form is available as a Google form.
  • Open this link in a new Tab or new Window, so you may refer back here to the Welcome and Preliminary Information, and Preliminary Program and Schedule of Events if needed.


STEP 2: Send your PAYMENT using "ONLINE" option or "CHECK" option

  • ONLINE option

    Select the correct membership category (Member, Student member, etc.); then select the "2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration" payment option in the pull-down menu, below. Click the Pay Now button and complete your online payment using PayPal:

    1. MEMBER rates:
      2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration Member

    2. STUDENT MEMBER rates:
      2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration Student Member

    3. NON-MEMBER rates:
      2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration Non-Member

    4. STUDENT NON-MEMBER rates:
      2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration Student Non-Member

    5. GUEST rates:
      2019 ALHHS/MeMA Conference Registration Guest

  • CHECK option

    • In your confirmation email (after completing the online Registration Form), you will be prompted to send a CHECK to ALHHS Treasurer Phoebe Evans Letocha

    • Include one printed copy of that confirmation email with your check.

    • Please make your check payable in U.S. Dollars to ALHHS

    • Mail the check to:

      Phoebe Evans Letocha (ALHHS Treasurer)
      c/o Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives
      5801 Smith Ave, Suite 235
      Baltimore, MD 21209 USA



May I register someone other than myself for the Annual Meeting?

  • Yes. Please complete a separate Registration Form for each attendee.
  • If you are registering on behalf of someone else, please make sure to complete the form using that participant's entire information.
  • If the name of the person on a Registration Form differs from the name of the person making payment for the meeting, please include the payer's name on the appropriate line of the Registration Form! This will help us match PayPal and Checks with their registrants.
Who is considered a "Guest"?
  • Someone who accompanies you to the Annual Meeting but does not attend the Thursday paper programs and business meeting and lunch may register as a "Guest" (also known as an "accompanying person").
  • Please complete a separate registration Form for this person.
  • They may register to come to a Tour and/or to the Dinner.
Registration Questions and Changes
  • Please contact the ALHHS Treasurer, Phoebe Evans Letocha (alhhs.treasurer AT, if you have questions about your payment for the annual meeting, or the status of your membership in ALHHS, or need to edit your registration details (after you submitted the form and paid).


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